The voyage to Skotholmen

and Guest quays


If you would like a close encounter with the ocean surface and wind in your hair, our partners would happily arrange for RIB boat trips before or after your meal.

Let your experience start with the voyage. The trip to the islet is carried out by Skreddaren or Lophelia – warm and secure boats – which depart from the quest quays in the centre of Fosnavaag. The voyage is only around 10 minutes. It is easy to both embark and disembark. We arrange for transport in connection with events and parties.

 We have also expanded our capacity for those who would like to arrive Skotholmen in their own vessels. (Scroll down for further information.)

Distance: 87.3 km, Travel time by car: 2 hours.
Travel time by RIB boat: 40 minutes.

Ørsta-Volda airport, (HOV), Hovden – FOSNAVAAG: 
Distance: 45.8 km, Travel time by car: 40 minutes.



















Skreddaren (63 persons)

Rib (12 persons)

Lophelia (12 persons)

Guest quays 


We have also expanded our capacity for those who would like to visit our restaurant Kami Skotholmen by own boat.

New floating stages around 100 metres long were put in place during the summer of 2018.

The floating stages are provided with lights and access to drawing of current.

We also welcome passing boat tourists who would like a good meal and who would like to enjoy whatever Skotholmen has to offer.

In addition, we can receive larger vessels with a deep-sea quay of around 6 metres depth.