– French pronunciation: ​[petɑ̃k]


A specially designed petanque course built by international standards right in the mouth of the fjord! Create your very own tournament or take part in Skotholmen’s annual petanque tournament, “Skotholmen Open”, in the late summer.


We recommend some light warming up before you get ready to compete by making use of Skotholmen’s popular “peak climb”. A brisk walk up Champagne Peak, the islet’s tallest peak measuring 9.6 metres above sea level. Here you can enjoy a glass of bubbly before strolling back down to the lowland, and a game of petanque.

We provide petanque balls, rules and a form for filling in the results – so the only thing you need to worry about is throwing the ball as close to the “pig” as possible!



















Cooking classes 

Whether you are a beginner or more of a skilled cook, we have the course adapted to your level. Learn the little tricks of how to make good sauces and other delicacies! 


Bring your group of friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or colleagues and enjoy an informal and nice encounter with sauces, spices and stocks. This is a pleasant present for someone who likes to cook!

We also provide for cooking courses tailored for stewards.

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Wine tasting 

Wine tasting at Skotholmen is unpretentious and fun. You really don’t have to be a world champion in order to take part. 


Good friends gathered around a table with various wines from the same area or from the same grape. Lively discussions regarding taste and smell. Laughter and happy sounds. There are only two things that you need to know; whether the wine tastes good or not. We team up with wine experts who guide us through the landscape of flavours.

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